About Me

Who am I?

: Niaz Al-Somai, a migrant from Syria.

The newspaper said

Niaz Al-Somai brings a taste of the Middle East to Southland.

What do I do?

: I am a clinical pharmacist
and I work as a director for Al-Somai Pharmacy LTD
37 Lake Rd
Hamilton, New Zealand

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BPharm & Pharmaceutical chemistry, Damascus university, Syria,1975

MSc (first class honour), Biological Sciences, Waikato University, New Zealand,1991

PhD, Biological Sciences, Waikato University, New Zealad,1994

PGDip Clinical Pharmacy, Otago University, New Zealand, 1994

Dip Optometry, Bomby Vision Centre, India, 1985

Master of Clinical Pharmacy: Otago university, New Zealand, 2001

My majore interests: I love traveling to exotic countries, I enjoy meeting people and I always make sure I leave a friend behind.

My publications

Master in Clinical Pharmacy Susceptibility of Helicobacter pylori to the antibacterial activity of Manuka honey: an in vitro and in vivo studies.

MSc Isolation and charecterisation of antibacterial proteins and peptides from bovine seminal plasma (1990).

PhD Low molecular weight cationic and anionic peptides from the macromolecular aggregates in bovine seminal plasma and their effects on bull sperm (1994).

N. Al Somai, K. Coley, P.C. Molan and B. Hancock (1994). Susceptibilty of Helicobacter pylori to the antibacterial activity of manuka honey. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK) 87:9-12

N. Al-Somai, R. Vishwanath, P.C. Molan, and P. Shannon (1994). Anionic and Cationic Components from Protein Aggregates in Bovine Seminal Plasma and Their Effects on Sperm Motility. Mol. Reprod. Develop.39:328-336.

N. Al-Somai, S. Hodgkinson, P. Fowke, M. Mcquoid, J. Oldham, and J. Bass (1994). 76th annual Meeting of The American Endocrine Society (Anaheim, California). A novel protein in muscle rat extracts which binds IGFBP-3: indentification and initial characterisation.

Al-Somai N, Vishwanath R, Shannon P and Molan PC (1993). "Low molecular weight components in bovine semen diffusate and their effects on motility of bull sperm." J. Reprod. Fertill. Develop.6: 165-171.

Other activities

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