Research and development

Publicity about my research on peptic ulcers......

Two passages in the Qura'an (القرآن الكريم ) make a specific reference to the bee being taught
"to build cells", "to eat of the flowers of the earth"
and as a result "there issues from within the (bee) bodies
a drink of varying colours wherein is healing for mankind".

The export News Joural said: "The inovative use of manuka honey for peptic ulcers
was a concept developed by Niaz Al-Somai".

My laboratory tests have shown that the honey has antibacterial activity against
Helicobacter pylori. And bactrial growth was stoped completely.

TV soap tracking Manuka honey trials

The Waikato times front page said: "Trials ahead to prove manuka honey's worth".
"AgResearch sientist Niaz Al-Somai, a Muslim who came to New Zealand from
Syria, has received approval to run the trials through North Shore
and Middlemore hospitals"